Congratulations and a Challenge: Welcome to the practice of law!

October 14, 2014 12:07 PM | Anonymous

Congratulations to all of the successful candidates who passed the July 2014 Tennessee Bar Exam! You have conquered a taxing, intimidating, and nerve-racking barrier to the practice of law. Enjoy your success and breathe easier now.

So you passed the bar exam and hopefully you have a job or will become employed soon, but now what? Passing the bar exam does not make you competent in any area of the law. It does not sound an alarm for clients to come knocking on your office door. It does not instantly help you win friends and influence people. It does not guarantee you a mentor in the area of law in which you think you may want to practice. 

Passing the bar commences your career-long journey in learning what it means to "practice law." Passing the bar is your green light. Now it is up to you to associate with other attorneys and join meaningful organizations, which will help you along this journey and to which you can contribute your talents and skills. I challenge you to join organizations such as TLAW so that you can meet fellow members of the bar, associate with people who share similar interests, learn from attorneys who have been in your shoes (for some of us, that was not so long ago), and contribute to the bar to make it a stronger league of professionals.  TLAW, the only statewide women's bar association, joins attorneys across Tennessee from Dyersburg to Chattanooga and from Kingsport to Memphis. TLAW is your opportunity to network with fellow attorneys and develop the career that you envisioned when you applied to go to law school.

Congratulations again! Go into the world and make a difference (legally now).

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